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Where can a career in technology, cyber, STEM take you?

HerTechPath is on a mission and we need your support!

The mission is to increase the number of women in tech careers in every industry across Australia. HerTechPath members volunteer their time to go out to high schools and share their experiences and insights at high school workshops as visible role models of women working in tech. We understand that support and education is also needed for Parents and Guardians, as well as for Educators and Career Counsellors. We offer programs to support awareness and understanding of the diversity of incredible career opportunities available in technology. We support women studying towards or working in tech through our membership activities and community. 

Programs for High Schools

Through the generous support of our partners, sponsors and supporters HerTechPath provides free interactive workshops in high schools across the Adelaide metropolitan area with a view to expand this nationally in 2024. With 45 minute to 90 minute workshops, our members volunteer their time to share their stories in an interactive session, answer questions and breakdown barriers to support girls to discover a career in tech.  To find out more visit our contact us page to read the FAQs for our high school workshop programs. 

Programs for Educators + Career Counsellors + Schools

Contact us to enquire about having a workshop for your school educators, staff and career counsellors to support you to encourage girls to explore careers in tech, and contribute to your staff's professional development hours.

Programs for Parents + Caregivers

Contact us to enquire about having a workshop for your parents and caregivers of high school aged girls to provide information and support to as your daughters consider their future careers and discover the opportunities in tech.  

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Why Technology Careers?

Because every workplace in every sector is being impacted by advances in technology. These changes influence how workplaces operate, engage with customers, and how they impact our community. Every organisation, business and workplace is either impacted and influenced by technology now or will be in the future.

We believe that every organisation is a tech organisation, and that each of us is impacted by technology advances in how we connect, purchase products and services, learn, work and play. 

What does this mean for women?

Imagine a world where women are equally represented in tech careers. Where women are supported and inspired to start, pivot or adapt their careers in tech through a network and events that broaden their views of tech careers and support them to see what is possible through their connections. Where women equally contribute to solving the complex, wicked problems of our community and planet through tech.

A career in tech will touch every person in every workplace as we transition to web 3.0, are more fully immersed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and engage with next gen technologies in every industry.

What does this mean for girls?

Girls can't be what they can't see. Jobs in the tech industry aren't just information technology related. We need data scientists, programmers, and software architects. We also need business analysts, human resources, marketing, sales people, managers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

New and different jobs are being created all the time, and these are being influenced by technology itself and the role models that girls can look up to in order to imagine a career for themselves in tech, cyber or STEM.