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As we share with high school students in our free interactive school workshops, there are so many diverse, well-paid and exciting career opportunities in tech, cyber and the additional STEM disciplines of science, engineering and mathematics. This page provides you with valuable resources, thought leaders and organisations you can connect with to learn more about potential career options, and additional experiences to help you understand what is possible. 

The resources can be used by:

  • Young people trying to learn more about STEM career options
  • Parents and Caregivers who are seeking to give the young people in their care the best possible guidance
  • Educators, Career Counsellors and School Staff to enhance the insights they can share with their Students

Educators, Career Counsellors and School Staff

Embedding digital technologies into curriculum can be challenging if you don't have useful and current materials to help you do this in a way that engages your students. 

HerTechPath has curated some links to resources and websites that we hope are useful for teachers and career counsellors, to help nurture the interest of girls in STEM subjects and careers. 

Young business person working with a notebook
Australian Curriculum - Digital Technologies

The Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what all young Australians should be taught, regardless of where they live in Australia or their background. ACARA draws on the best national talent and expertise, and consults widely to develop the Australian Curriculum and resources.

Specific resources for digital technologies are available for eductors. 

Digital Technologies Hub

The Digital Technologies Hub is our go-to resource for anything and everything. It is also great for parents, students and families. It has fully aligned scope and sequences, lesson plans, case studies, professional development for teachers and information about a range of different topics including Girls in Tech. 

EdTech SA

EdTechSA is a professional association providing support to educators and leaders in ICT and digital technologies. They run professional learning sessions and an annual conference. If you sign up as a member you can attend these sessions at a reduced rate. 

Girls of Impact

Girls of Impact is a new program available to female students in years 9-12 that connect like-minded students with industry. The program connects students with a mentor in areas they are interested in and includes site visits and networking opportunities. There is a relatively low time commitment for students so it will not interfere with their studies. 

Grok Academy

Grok Academy helps educators teach the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Our resources and online courses and competitions will help you confidently bring programming into classrooms with varying skill levels.

The curriculum requires all students from Years 3-8 to learn coding. In order to be effective, students must adapt to a new way of thinking.

Our resources will guide your students to develop practical computational thinking skills. If you're not too confident with coding yourself, we have solutions and step by step walkthroughs for each problem and a variety of professional development opportunities available.

As a bonus, all our content is free for teachers (and pre-service teachers!) to evaluate, use for professional development, or to follow along with students. 

Ikigai Canvas (Purpose Worksheet)

A great resource to help explore and articulate your personal "ikigai" - Japanese for 'a reason for being' which can loosely be described as "purpose". The links below provide access to the canvas, as well as an explanation about the ikigai canvas. 

Imagine Cup Junior

Imagine Cup Junior is a program developed by Microsoft Education. Although not specifically aimed at girls, this program helps teachers introduce artificial intelligence by providing resources including powerpoints, videos, and teacher instructions explaining key concepts and how it has been applied to solve real world issues. Students can enter a competition where they can win prizes and also receive feedback about their idea from industry professionals. The focus of this competition is to help students realise that AI can be used to improve the world. It is a design thinking challenge. 

STEM Footy

STEM Footy is a program in Adelaide that aims to address the skill shortages in STEM with a 10 week, no cost program aimed at Year 7's and that is fully aligned to ACARA. The program teaches STEM skills in an AFL context. 

Tech Girls Movement

The Tech Girls Movement Foundation aims to eliminate unconscious bias by providing teachers with access to programs and computation resources that connect students with industry. The website also includes information about female pioneers in technology and research about engaging girls in tech and why it is important. 

VEX Robotics - Girl Powered

The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and VEX Robotics are working to make robotics reflective of the diverse world we live in, and the one we want to leave behind.

We're committed to showing how exciting it is to be involved with STEM, showcasing examples of how women are changing the world, providing tools for success, and enabling comfortable environments where all students' confidence and abilities can flourish. 

Vogue Codes

Vogue Codes run a series of online and in person events featuring female international and Australian industry leaders in medicine, technology and engineering. These events are good for networking, identifying guest speakers to bring into your school and to hear about industry trends. The speakers they bring in are shaping the technology landscape globally. They also run innovation challenges featuring influencers that students may relate to.

University of Adelaide CSER MOOC

The Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER), based at the University of Adelaide in the School of Computer Science, aims to promote research and scholarship both within the field of computer science education and more broadly in the higher education sector.

We run a range of Digital Technologies programs for Australian teachers, including our free, online CSER MOOC courses, free professional learning events, and our National Lending Library. 


We at Propel have made a tool that allows manufacturing companies to track its product across its entire lifecycle. Our expertise here along with our relationships have allowed us to have great insight into STEM careers and what those entering the industry need to know. Check out the list of manufacturing definitions we made below:

Manufacturing Definitions



Jobs in STEM

Resources for girls and young people

If you have had a group of women from HerTechPath come to your school as visible role models of women working in STEM, and you're interested to learn more about what a career in tech, cyber, data, digital or the broader STEM disciplines could look like, here are some links to websites and programs.

We'll keep updating the list, and always happy to add new links and resources recommended by you! Please contact us with any additional information we can share. 

friends discussing brainstorming and ideas at meeting inside beautiful modern building place
42 Adelaide

100% free coding school for everyone 16 years and above. No pre-requisites for entry, no coding experience required. Study anytime on campus that suits you to maximise your effectiveness, with 42 Adelaide avaialble 24/7. Learn with your peers, finding the answers to any problem, building projects together. Our curriculum is practical, project based and real world focused, on a gamified platform. Our program is aligned to a Certificate IV Information Technology, ICT40120, provided by our RTO partner Academy IT (40358), for eligible students. 

Adelaide Uni STEM Academy

The University of Adelaide’s STEM Academy is an outreach program for students in Years 8-12 who are passionate about science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Delivered in schools and online, the STEM Academy aims to encourage students to study STEM through a range of interactive workshops, activities and events.

Students will develop an understanding of the relationship between high-school STEM subjects, university degrees and how to turn their passion for STEM into a career. 

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Career Resources

75 per cent of the fastest growing jobs require STEM skills! We hear this a lot. But what does it really mean?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) helps us understand and make sense of the world. It provides the tools to cure deadly diseases, design future proof cities and make sense of increasing volumes of data and new technologies. Studying and working in STEM equips you to solve problems, shape lives and build futures. It’s about having the agility to embrace the new and creativity to innovate tomorrow.

Choose maths today and be ready for the amazing careers of the future. 

Careers with STEM website

The Careers with STEM hub is a student-focussed website that includes surprising STEM careers pathways, insights into the future of work, 100s of diverse STEM role models, teacher and students events, a back catalogue of Careers with STEM magazines, student career quizzes, videos interviews and much more. 

Code Like A Girl

Code Like A Girl empowers and enables women and girls to be equal creators in building the future. Code Like a Girl is a social enterprise providing girls and women with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter, and flourish, in the world of coding. 

Found out about the School of Code, Internship opportunities and Events.

CSIRO Virtual Work Experience Pilot Program 2022

In 2022, CSIRO, in partnership with the Department of Defence, will pilot the Virtual Work Experience Program - Defence Industry Stream. 

The Defence Industry Stream of the program will provide Years 10 and 11 high school students with an opportunity to experience the Defence Industry first-hand in a virtual environment, gain exposure to real-world STEM skills and work on group projects with the support of experienced STEM Defence Industry professionals.

The program will support students to undertake work experience remotely, providing opportunities for students who may face geographic or other barriers to participating in traditional work experience. It also allows students the opportunity to experience contemporary ways of working, from homes, and with people across geographic boundaries, just as many workplaces do every day. 

Girl Geek Academy

The Girl Geek Academy aims to address the problem of not enough women in tech by running weekly classes for girls and women. Their programs focus on games, startups, 3D printing, making, design, tech, drones, space and aviation. Learn how you can be a Hacker, Hipster and Hustler! 

Ikigai Canvas (Purpose Worksheet)

A great resource to help explore and articulate your personal "ikigai" - Japanese for 'a reason for being' which can loosely be described as "purpose". The links below provide access to the canvas, as well as an explanation about the ikigai canvas. 

Interview Techniques

This gives a broad rundown of the different types of interview scenarios that candidates may face and what to expect as well as some tips for pre and post interview. Like any type of 'test', preparation is essential to success. 

IT Apprenticeship at PwC

Want to work in tech but uni not quite your thing? Earn while you learn with PwC's Higher Apprenticeship Program. Click the link for more information. 

STEM Sista by STEM Fast Track

The fast lane for young minds seeking STEM careers. 

STEM Fast Track shows high school students the possibilities of STEM careers through industry-focused mentoring programs, to help them develop the confidence and resilience needed to thrive in their career and in life. We seek to cultivate young minds that will one day pioneer the technological advancements of tomorrow, giving humanity and our planet the best possible future.

We aim to empower and impact ten thousand high school students by 2022 through our STEM-focused mentoring programs and industry networking events, which also support businesses, educators and families to help the next generation in creating a better world. 

The GiST (Girls in STEM Toolkit) website

The Girls in STEM Toolkit (The GiST) provides girls and young women with resources to help them understand how their existing skills and interests can link to STEM careers and study pathways. The Toolkit aims to:

  • build girls’ confidence around STEM subjects
  • support teachers and families to engage meaningfully with girls about pursuing careers in STEM
  • showcase STEM programs and activities relating to STEM and provide a range of role models for girls and young women. 

UniSA STEM Girls Academy

South Australian girls from Years 9 to 12 are invited to join a club united by the passion for STEM. Together, they will build their pathway to university and a bright career future. 

Years 11 and 12 students can apply for a Creative Challenge to learn how to apply design thinking methodology to their Research Project (SACE). 

UNSW STEM Careers Quiz

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown that STEM skills are not only necessary for the jobs and careers vital to solving the COVID-19 crisis, but they’re also critical for the jobs of tomorrow. It's expected that the post-COVID-19 world will keep seeing a strong demand for STEM skills especially in the areas of data science and cybersecurity.

Take UNSW's STEM careers quiz to discover career paths that match your skills, personality and interests. 

Which type of solver are you?

In a world where you can be anything, be a solver. In PwC's grad and vacationer programs, they see five different types of solvers: the Leader, the Analyst, the Entrepreneur, the Humanitarian and the Trailblazer.

Have a go at this quiz designed by PwC to figure out which career path might suit you. 

Resources for parents and caregivers

It can be difficult to know how we can best advise and guide our young people in their future path, to set them up for success. It can also be hard to navigate the new industries and potential career paths that are being created in the STEM disciplines. 

Careers in STEM are diverse, well-paid and give girls and young people many opportunities for exciting and fulfilling professional development. Below is a selection of resources and information to help you learn more about the career options available in tech and STEM. 

Cheerful group of kids wtih their teacher in school classroom
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Career Resources for Parents and Caregivers

You are your child’s first teacher of mathematics. To help you, here are some tips to get you enjoying maths with your child.

The most important thing you can do is to have a positive attitude towards mathematics yourself. If you don’t know how to do something, say ‘let’s find out together’. 

Digital Technologies Hub

The Digital Technologies Hub is our go-to resource for anything and everything. It is also great for parents, students and families. It has fully aligned scope and sequences, lesson plans, case studies, professional development for teachers and information about a range of different topics including Girls in Tech. 

Engineers Australia Junior Club

Interest in engineering and other STEM subjects is often established in primary school – this is when the work on engagement and excitement needs to begin.

Engineers Australia Junior Club is designed to provide activities and resources to parents and primary school teachers who want to bring engineering into the classroom. 

Hello Ruby

Hello Ruby is the world’s most whimsical way to learn about technology, computing and coding. We are all about curiosity, playfulness and logic.

We provide tools for kids, parents and educators to learn to understand programming in a fun and creative way. Our story started off with a book that is now published in over 22 languages, including Japanese, Korean, Dutch and even Finnish.

The book made its debut on Kickstarter in 2014 and quickly smashed its $10,000 funding goal after just 3.5 hours and gathering 380 000 dollars in total funding. Hello Ruby was at the time the most funded book on Kickstarter's children's book category. 


The STARportal makes the connections that inspire young people to explore, discover, and create.

By offering the most comprehensive collection of STEM activities and providers, the STARportal is the go-to place for families to discover local STEM activities for the children in their lives and for providers to find partners with which to collaborate. 

The GiST (Girls in STEM Toolkit)

There is a lack of girls and women interested in STEM jobs and careersThe GiST aims to build female students’ confidence around STEM subjects, and support teachers and families to engage meaningfully with girls about pursuing careers in STEM.

A useful resource to see the breadth and diversity of great career options available. 

UNESCO Cracking Code Report 2017

Only 17 women have won a Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry or medicine since Marie Curie in 1903, compared to 572 men. Today, only 28% of all of the world’s researchers are women.

Cracking the code: Girls’ and women’s education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics provides a global snapshot of this under-representation, the factors behind it and examples of how to improve the interest, engagement and achievement of girls in these fields. 

Women in tech and cyber at PwC

Women in tech are in demand right now, with good reason. It’s not just because organisations are increasingly setting gender diversity targets, it’s because there’s a growing awareness that greater diversity of thought enables the creation of more holistic solutions to society’s most challenging and complex problems.

The links below share case studies and the scale of roles available to women in tech, cyber security and STEM more broadly. PwC is a Gold Corporate Sponsor for HerTechPath. 

Women in STEM Decadal Plan

Attracting women and girls to STEM and providing an environment for them to thrive and progress is a shared responsibility of government, academia, the education system, industry, and the community.

The Women in STEM Decadal Plan, developed by the Australian Academy of Science in collaboration with the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, offers a vision and opportunities to 2030 to guide stakeholders as they identify and implement specific actions they must take to build the strongest STEM workforce possible to support Australia’s prosperity.

The opportunity to achieve a transformative, systematic and sustained change in Australia’s STEM sector begins with this plan. 

World Economic Forum - Future of Jobs Report

The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report provides a great indication of what skills are increasing in demand as well as employment trends. There is a detailed report which can be downloaded and will help people assess the relevance of their skillset for the future. The report also gives a good indication of how the pandemic has changed the employment landscape.